Register your watches to create historical provenance and to protect against future loss or theft. Manage and update your watch status in real time. uses cutting edge proprietary blockchain technology and supplies a digital certificate for all our members registered watches. Create your account and receive a free 12 month trial to use our platform or choose a subscription package from any of our membership account options.

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Register your valued watches to create historical provenance and protect against future loss or theft is a global blockchain technology registration service enabling private and trade members to register watches to create historical provenance when you buy or sell and to protect against future loss or theft. Register your watches with our secure encrypted platform, fully manage the status and details in real time, transfer watches when you sell or trade and receive email alert notifications if one of your registered watches is searched or attempted to be registered in our database. Create your account here.

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Get your free 12 month account trial for 12 months or select a suitable subscription from any of the membership account options.

Your personal and watch data is owned by you

Our platform is designed solely for the benefit of our members who put thier trust in to store data securely and provide a cutting edge registration service.
Your personal data and watch information is never shared, sold or leased to any third party under any cicumstances.

Update your watch information, status and account details in realtime

If your watch is lost or stolen change the status in real time from your back office to alert private and trade buyers of your watch status. When our members search for the provenance of any watch they have real time information. automatically alerts you when any of your registered watches are searched or attempted to be registered.

Your account, watch data, website and platform security

All identifiable account and watch data is protected by AES Encryption (Advance Encryption Standard). 256-bit AES encryption is an International Standard which ensures data is encrypted/decrypted following this approved standard. It ensures the very highest security and is adopted by governments and intelligence organizations across the world. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between your browser and our server. SSL encrypts sensitive details such as login credentials so that unauthorized users cannot interpret and use the data, even if they see it. The lock icon users see on SSL-secured websites and the “https” address indicate that a secure connection is present. All our staff are Data Protection, GDPR and Cyber Security certified.

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