Latest News Affiliate Program goes from strength to strength

The affiliate program continues its exciting rapid growth since its launch in 2021. Powered by the incredible affiliate management platform our affiliate partners benefit from a plethora of innovative tools and features to help maximise their lifetime commission earnings from the subscribers that you refer.

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About is a global blockchain technology registration service enabling private and trade members to register watches to create historical provenance when you buy or sell and to protect against future loss or theft. Watches are registered with our secure encrypted platform, fully manage the status and details in real time, transfer watches when sold or traded with email alert notifications activated if any registered watches are searched or attempted to be registered in the database. For more information about visit or send email to Platform Update Completed has updated its platform with a host of new features and small system fixes. We apologise for any inconvenience during the update. Updates Its Affiliate Marketing Platform has updated its affiliate marketing platform and welcomes new affiliate marketing partners from around the world. A whole host of brand new features providing our affiliates with the worlds leading tracking and management tools to promote the service.

Affiliate partners are able to create an affiliate account online in real time, create unlimited marketing campaigns and tracking links for a multitude of advertising media solutions and view their campaigns performance through a variety of reporting options. Our marketing partners can refer both members and other marketing partners and generate commissions from all their referred account activity.

For more information please see our Affiliate Pages or Create Your Affiliate Account Now Launches Brand New Unique Platform is extremely excited to announce that we have launched our brand new unique member platform. Packed with a whole host of new features giving our members more control over registered watches, watch search functionality, important email notifications and watch ownership transfers, provides real-time watch and account management for all members.

We now offer a variety of accounts to suit all members ranging from personal, business and law enforcement account options. We also now offer a free 12 month trial option for you to see how our platform works for you. We will continue to add new features and functionality to the platform and aim to provide our members with the ultimate platform in order to provide historical provenance and protect against any future loss or theft. Register your watches with our secure wallet platform, fully manage the status and details in real time, transfer watches when you sell or trade your watch and receive email alert notifications if one of your registered watches is searched in our database.

If you have any questions please Contact Us or Create Your Account Now